Introducing the Guided Injection Patient Tracker

Built specifically for clinicians who treat musculoskeletal injuries with injection therapy, GIPT is a cloud-based, fully automated platform that tracks patient pain levels post-procedure to deliver critical clinical data in real-time.


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Add patients to the platform easily

As a cloud-based platform, you can easily add patients via any web-enabled device with the minimum amount of data required. This can be done by any clinical staff.

Track patient pain
 over time

Mobius polls patients on their pain levels via SMS 6 times over the 28 days following their procedure.

Access Patient Data 24/7

Clinicians will receive a copy of the patient report and can also access live data at any time via the client portal.

AI and machine learning do the hard work for you

We analyse the collected data to identify and flag the 30% of procedures that are most likely to require further follow up. This is marked on the GIPT Report and you can also view it from within the portal.

Use filters to create workflow efficiencies

Use our filters from within the portal to view all patients, or filter only the flagged reports, allowing you to easily prioritize the most critical patients.


Automate the patient
feedback loop with a new

GIPT’s intuitive interface allows you to add patients, track their responses and access data quickly and easily.

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We deliver value at every touchpoint of the ecosystem

Return on your investment
from day one

Mobius delivers direct revenue uplift by increasing the patient return rate four times over the baseline, delivering a 12X return on your investment.

Improve clinic & patients outcomes

By collecting patient response data on a consistent scale and cadence, we can systematically identify a cohort of previously undiagnosed patients who require follow up treatment.

Instantly provide critical clinical feedback to the patients.
Build performance reports and identify high the performing staff.

Drive engagement from all parties

Automating the feedback loop from referring clinician-patient-radiologist has proven to deliver increased engagement and satisfaction from all parties with a 99% patient response rate.

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